Crafts and Industries through the Ages

NMEC Vision & NMEC Mission

NMEC Vision

The first museum of civilization in the Arab world, the NMEC will present a comprehensive view of Egyptian civilization from prehistory to the present day, taking a multidisciplinary thematic approach designed to highlight Egypt’s tangible and intangible heritage.

A museum of a new kind, unknown so far in Egypt and the entire Middle East region, the NMEC’s main goal is to “share knowledge”, to connect with the surrounding Egyptian society and to offer international visitors a richer and deeper insight into the meaning of Egyptian culture through the ages.

With its various collections of objects and associated knowledge, spanning thousands of years, numerous cultures, ruling powers, systems of beliefs, religions, and aesthetic expressions, the NMEC will offer an exceptional and unique visit through Egyptian history with the aim to connect the country’s rich past to contemporary Egypt. Embarking all visitors on a journey through Egyptian history and culture, NMEC will provide invaluable insights into the long history of one of the oldest countries in the world, focusing on shifts of values and major changes as well as hidden continuities and traditions up to the present day.

NMEC Mission

As a major New National Egyptian Institution, the NMEC will:

•             Provide a dynamic and innovative vision of past and current Egyptian civilization.

•             Serve as a world-wide communication centre on Egyptian civilization.

•             Display and preserve for future generations exceptional collections belonging to the history of humankind.

•             Develop close cooperation with other Egyptian and international institutions.

•             Develop new practices of cooperation and exchange.

As a major Cultural Centre, the NMEC will:

•             Promote a new kind of museum with an integrated approach to cultural heritage.

•             Develop national and international exhibitions programmes.

•             Organise or host various programmes of films, concerts, dance and theatre live performances, showing ‘living’ aspects of Egyptian civilization today.

•             Offer on-site facilities and services: gardens, lakeside cafés, restaurants, handicrafts centre, and shops.

As a leading Educational and Research Centre, the NMEC will:

•             Promote the diffusion of knowledge to a variety of publics.

•             Host a documentation and collection centre for Egypt’s ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’ heritage.

•             Give access to educational and research resources through a library, study centres, online data, photographs, archives, teaching resources and publications.